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  • Passers

    A key hockey skill is passing, but it can be one of the more boring and frustrating skills to practice. Our range of passers are suited to on-ice and off-ice training and the element of a passer creates an exciting thrill to a once boring passing drill. You can bank a pass in a certain direction or t-up a one-timer, a passer allows players to get more creative on and off the Rink.

  • Floor Tiles & Pads

    Floor Tiles and Shooting Pads simulate the real on ice surface feeling at home and are the best for passing and stickhandling! Not just a piece of plastic, these Tiles and Pads are super strong, come in self lubricating models and some even attach together so you can customise your own surface size.

  • Training Pucks & Balls

    Develop more skilful and stronger hands with our industry-leading training pucks and balls including the Green Biscuit range to the Swedish Training Ball. For any training off the ice, we will have a puck or ball that will suit your needs and improve your game.

  • Stickhandling Trainers

    All the best items to improve your Stickhandling, WrapAround Blade Protectors, stick weights, danglators, shooting speed radars, Hockey Revolutions stickhandling aids. These items are designed to increase your stickhandling and give you sweet hands and harder shots! Learn to deke quicker, control the puck better and be more confident with the puck.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 55 items
Showing 1 - 24 of 55 items