Puckhandling Station - Passer + Trainer + 20 Tiles + 5 Pucks

The Puckhandling Station is one of our best value packs and will let you setup a home training station so you can take your hockey skills to the next level.

The pack includes the PRO Passer, Extreme Stickhandling Trainer, a 20 pack of Dryland Hockey Training Tiles and 5 Ice Hockey Pucks, with 10% discount.




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The PRO Passer can easily be setup on any shooting pad, dryland tile or synthetic ice surface.

Designed to handle wobbly pucks, double bungee cord setup and clamps on secure to your training surface, the PRO Passer is one of the best passers on the market.

> Off-ice use only
> Easy to install on any shooting pad, dryland tiles or synthetic ice surface
> Durable bungee cord returns hard passes with the same velocity
> Front slope handles wobbling pucks better than other passers
> 30" wide and 25” passing slot
> Features a carrying handle for easy transport
> Excellent for working on one-timers
> Develop fast hockey hands for giving & receiving passes

One of the most versatile Stickhandling Trainers, the Extreme has 5 sections on pivot points to allow you the freedom to move and create custom, situational drills that will improve your game.

Each section is 38cm's and can fold away for easy storage and transport. You can learn everything from basic moves to complex dangles using the Extreme Stickhandling Trainer.

> The perfect training tool for players looking to improve their stickhandling skills
> Can be used on any surface - both on and off the ice
> Constructed of durable light weight high impact material
> Folds away for easy storage and transport - easily carry it anywhere you go!

Pack of 10 Dryland Hockey Training Tiles. These will let you practice your hockey skills at home and customise your playing area to whatever size you prefer.

These snap-together 18" by 18" (45.5cm by 45.5cm) tiles simulate the slickness and smoothness of the ice.

> Simulates the smoothness and slickness of the ice surface
> Can be used indoors and outdoors
> Strong enough for cars to park on, making them excellent for garages and driveways
> Assemble an entire floor in easily and in minutes!
> Large size tiles of 18” x 18” (45.5cm by 45.5cm) means fewer tiles and joining areas
> Note: Dryland Hockey Training Tiles are not designed to be skated on

Official size and weight Ice Hockey Puck in a pack of 5.

> 5 puck pack
> 6 oz in weight each
> Black
> Official Ice Hockey Puck