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  • Goals & Backstops

    Hockey Goals and Backstops are must have items to complete any home hockey training setup. We carry a wide range of Hockey Goal sizes from mini goals to regulation size goals. The Backstops are a vital separate attachment of the Hockey Goals as they provide an extra netting to help stop any pucks that miss the goal.

  • Shooting Pads & Tiles

    Shooting Pads and Dryland Training Tiles simulate the real on ice surface feeling at home and are the best for shooting pucks! Not just a piece of plastic, these Pads and Tiles are super strong, come in self lubricating models and some even attach together so you can customise your own surface size. 

  • Tarps & Targets

    Tarps, Targets and Shooter Tutors attached to Hockey Goals or your garage door so you can work on your shooting accuracy and to challenge yourself! Our range will ensure you find the perfect Tarp, Target or Shooter Tutor to match your hockey needs.

  • Shot Strength Trainers

    Work on getting a harder shot with our Shot Strength Trainers including stick weights, speed radars and more! Build the muscle you need behind ever shot so blast the puck past any goalie and be more confident with the puck.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 45 items
Showing 1 - 24 of 45 items