WrapAround, Mr Assist and Tape Pack

Work on your passing and receiving anywhere with the amazing Hockey WrapAround and Mr Assist training puck, all for 10% off! Plus a roll of stick tape, because you always need tape.




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Hockey Wraparound allows you to use your favourite ice hockey stick off the ice without fear of damaging the blade, so you can train or play anywhere!

It is extremely light and is completely slap shot ready once taped onto your stick. Perfect for training quick hands, shooting and anything with your game stick off the ice!

New for 2019, the upgraded Hockey WrapAround is more durable, lighter and has more features then its previous ICE model.
> Privately formulated plastic for maximum durability and flexibility
> Crosshatch texture along the blade for grip and control
> Extremely light - only 39 grams!
> Wear indicator to track product lifespan
> Fits both left and right handed sticks
> Fits senior, intermediate and junior sticks (cuts to conform)
> Completely Slap Shot ready when taped
> Comes in white or black
> Enhances the surface you are playing on
> Replicates the feel of on-ice stick-handling ANYWHERE
> Extends the life of your stick
> Takes less than 60 seconds to attach

The Mr. Assist is the perfect tool for practising passing (both making and receiving) and stickhandling. It's easy to use and is one of the most popular training aids used around the world. 

Developed by former NHL player and used by NHL and amateur players alike, the Mr. Assist is ideal for off season and on-ice training, including warm-ups before games.

> Official Inline Hockey puck attached to a rubber tube
> Individual skill trainer - passing, pass receiving and shooting
> Reaches distances of over 20 feet, returning to the individual each time
> Develop quick hands and better hand-eye coordination
> Attaches to any stick using a velcro band
> Comes with a spare rubber tube

The original and best quality Hockey Tape used by the Pros. Protect your stick and increase your puck control with Renfrew Hockey Tape.

1 inch roll length is 27 yards (81 feet) 24mm x 25mm.

> Woven cotton cloth tape
> Can be used for taping blades, grips, handles and equipment
> Thicker, more consistent coating of adhesive creates a moisture barrier between the ice and your stick
> Roll length: 1 inch x 27 yards (81 feet) 24mm x 25mm